The Art of Dining and Wine

The Taste Team of Tomtom Suites, offers you a delicious food variety, cooked with seasonal and fresh ingredients. This is why you get a different menu for every different season here. Tomtom’s kitchen is open between 07:30 and 22:30 with a seasonal menu available for the different hours of the day.

With its fresh menu, peaceful atmosphere and specially selected wine list, the rooftop terrace restaurant makes eating out a pleasant and delighting experience. Rich breakfasts and brunches here are an ideal way to start the day in Istanbul.

La Mouette has a modern design and a marvelous view overlooking Beyoglu, the banks of Golden Horn and Sultanahmet. A selection of varieties of Turkish “nouvelle cuisine” are served with a generous wine list and special cocktails accompany the unforgettable Istanbul sunset. After a hectic day in Istanbul, early evenings are not to be missed at La Mouette.


The Bistro, situated at the enterance floor of Tomtom Suites, offers a delicious menu that combines local flavors with universal tastes. Accentuating the freshness of ingredients and the distinction of presentation, The Bistro’s menu is an experience to be explored. The Bistro is the ultimate destination for the connoisseurs who want to sample the chef’s delicious desserts and enjoy the peaceful and pleasant setting. Open from 07:30 to 13:30.